Site Clean Up Tips

  • Review your Files:

    • Remove any old, outdated files
    • Identify inactive documents, should these be removed or made active?

    Review your Calendars:

    • We can migrate your existing school year and future events; please confirm events are ready. If you would like us to limit this further, please let us know.
    • Identify recurring events; currently recurring events will lose their association when imported. We can either import each recurring event separately or the first event that can then be made a recurring event after imported into your Schoolwires website.
    • Event categories – verify categories are correct. If multiple categories are being used, it’s best to select one as Schoolwires will have the option to select one category per event.

    Review your Links:

    • Remove any broken or outdated links
    • If your links are categorized, verify the categories are titled appropriately and links are in the correct category or if links should be combined or moved.

    Review your Pages, Folders, Groups:

    • Delete old, outdated content and content that is not in use
    • Delete empty pages
    • Review pages not linked in navigation and delete if necessary
    • Login and view the contents from an admin perspective (ie. "List View") to determine what content should be deleted

    Review your users and groups:

    • Remove users that should no longer have access
    • Verify permissions are correct

    Review your Teacher Pages / Classes (if migrating class content): You may choose to not migrate any teacher page content. If this is the case, please let your Project Manager know and we can choose to not export classes entirely. However, if you choose to migrate classes, please review the below:

    • Delete unused or old teacher pages and classes (example: if a teacher has left the district)
    • Verify correct teacher has access to page or class
    • If you are not using Gradebook, use the "Delete Old Students and Classes" feature. This can often be done district-wide. Classes are placed in the "Archives" area which is not migrated, but can be recovered within Edline if necessary. Steps can be found here:
    • If you are using Gradebook (GradeQuick Web / EasyGrade Pro), make a local backup of all gradebooks associated with previous years. Instructions can be found here: When backups are complete, go to the Classes folder and use the "Display Classes" filter to show an old year of classes. These classes can be deleted, which moves them into the "Archives", which is not migrated. Archives can be recovered within Edline if necessary.