Site Launch Consultation (SLC)

  • Site Launch Consultation (SLC) is an add-on service that can be purchased for onsite delivery in your district, in-house at our offices in State College PA, or virtually.

    An experienced Blackboard K-12 trainer will work with your core website team to analyze content on your current site; creating strategies that will allow your team to migrate it to the Blackboard Web Community Manager (WCM). Key focuses are ensuring consistency for district stakeholders as well as reviewing best practices, maximized use of WCM features, and ADA compliance.

    Three things to consider:

    • Eliminate - what content is out of date and can be removed
    • Migrate - what content is good and needs to be moved to the new site
    • Populate - what areas need filled in or need to be created


    Tasks to complete:

    • Register for or confirm dates for SLC (if purchased).
    • Ensure user accounts have been created and editorial privileges assigned for those attending the session.
    • Prepare by planning out high level navigation structure.
    • Gather or have easy access to files, images, website content and staff listings.



    • SLC is designed for the Core Web Team of 2 - 7 participants to learn "how-to" move/migrate content.
    • This session will provide Best Practices on creating Site Setup as well as Site/Subsite Structure.
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